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Bumper Fitting Guide


Before you remove the old bumper it is advisable to check the condition of the existing bolts and if necessary clean of the threads and soak heavily in WD40 or similar to help aid the removal of them. When fitting the new bumper it is possible to reuse the existing bolts but if in any doubt over there condition it is best to change them as this is what will ultimately hold the bumper and the winch on. Also old bolts with damaged threads can cause damage to the nuts on the new bumper and cause problems when refitting.

Firstly check the condition of the chassis that you are bolting on to as Land Rover are prone to rusting in these areas. If damage is found it is crucial that repairs are undertaken as a lot off forces will be passed thought this area when the winch is fitted and used.

Secondly offer up the bumper to the vehicle and check that it fits as it should do. When you have got it set in its position start of all the bolts . Don't do any off them up tight at this time. If you are struggling getting the bolts started there are a few techniques that can be used to make it easier.

1) Apply grease or a similar lubricant to the threads and make sure that all threads are clear of any debris.

2) Chamfer the ends of the threads. Wind a nut up the shaft of the bolt this is so that you can use the nut to re-cut the thread on the bolt easily. Secondly chamfer the end of the bolt wind off the nut using it to re-cut the thread of the bolt. It is important that you check the threads are clear of debris after. Use grease or a similar lubricant when threading them into the bumper.

When you have all the bolts in place and are happy with its position tighten up all bolts and check the security of the bumper. At this point it is always a good idea to provide a good spray of grease or oil around the area you have been working to help preserve the chassis. The next thing to do is attach your winch.

We hope that this advice has been helpful but if you do require any more information please feel free to contact us as we would be more than happy to help out.